BrownWigg began as two separate stores, Brownies Rural and Wiggis P/L. Both stores were located in sale, and when Brownies Rural outgrew its Union Street location it moved to Dawson Street, adjacent to the Wiggies business. If only we knew what excitement the move was to bring!

In 2005, Brownies Rural and Wiggies P/L merged to become the business we now know as BrownWigg.

During this time, we took the chance and opened a second store in Maffra. This store was located in the main street with its main focus being hardware and power equipment.

Following the success of the Maffra store, we opened stores in Warragul, Bairnsdale, Yarram and Meeniyan.

Since opening these stores, we have acquired the long standing local Traralgon business Jack Scott and Son’s in 2016 which became the site of out Traralgon Store.