Because BrownWigg frequently services the needs of local leading farmers, we know how they constantly achieve success when it comes to their seed requirements. Choosing the right seed products for your farm needs specialised local community knowledge and a practical understanding of products that perform every time.

Effective pasture renewal will increase reliable feed returns, and boost your profit margins. The difference between your best and worst producing paddocks can be in excess of 4tDM/Ha/year, even on high producing farms. The right choice of seed varieties allows you to expand those periods of the year when pastures are at their most productive, as well as achieving a higher proportion of desirable species, later flowering and increased plant palatability for your animals.

Naturally, to achieve these sorts of benefits you need to match the right seed products to your farming operation. And you need to be correctly informed about, and get your hands on, those seed varieties exactly when you need them.

That’s our job, and we take pride in knowing exactly what seed varieties best suit your local farming conditions. BrownWigg sources our seed products from only leading seed companies with a proven track-record of reliability, value for money, and research and development in sourcing the world’s best.

With over 30 years of experience successfully meeting local agribusiness, horticulture, viticulture, and all grazing-crop needs, BrownWigg is the smart choice.

Our staff are familiar with local climactic and soil variations, and with our proven- quality product range we make sure that you maximise returns on every planting or spreading you do. This value-adding service enhances our price-competitive range, which means that you start saving money even before you plant, spread or re-plant.