Your farm-fencing needs to be able to stand the test of time. Australia’s tough natural conditions provide many challenges for the farmer trying to safeguard his property and animals, and the team at BrownWigg have the knowledge, suppliers and product range to give you confidence when making this major farm infrastructure decision.

Proper fencing often represents a major capital investment in the farm enterprise. The fencing layout needs to be carefully planned, the ground adequately prepared, the right products chosen and much labour invested. Poorly-informed or hasty decisions and inferior quality products will cost you time and money in both the short and long terms.

Can you afford to make mistakes on a project of this scale? Do you really want to sink resources into fencing infrastructure only to find just short years down the track that the quality of your materials wasn’t up to the test?

At BrownWigg we’re here to make sure you plan, invest in and build this major project wisely. We’ll not only make certain you select the right products for your needs, but by involving us in your decision process we save you time and money. A proper fencing system provides convenient, cost effective stock control, improved grazing management and efficiency, and more profitable farming. It also improves individual animal management, which leads directly to greater returns at the farm gate. At BrownWigg we believe in helping you get it right the first time.

Our product and supplier range is second to none. BrownWigg complements this with expert, friendly knowledge from staff who understand your community needs. We’re confident that our product range will meet and exceed your requirements.

Our comprehensive range includes fencing systems (from plain, barbed and electric wire through to pre-fabricated), weighing systems, electronic identification products, animal handling equipment and specialised planning software. BrownWigg is here to guide your choice and installation of a customised fencing solution that effectively meets your needs for decades to come.