Animal Health

animal health

BrownWigg takes the health and productivity of your livestock very seriously. After all, any threat to your livestock welfare puts your very livelihood at risk.

The nutritional status and immune function of herding animals are affected by many factors, and problems can rapidly affect (or infect) large numbers of communal animal stock. Hence, animal health, their overall hygiene and welfare are critical at all stages of the livestock production chain. These issues can have a direct and adverse impact on your productivity if they are mismanaged or if you are misinformed about or equipped with the wrong treatment products.

We know that these animal health problems greatly affect productivity and your bottom line if they are not correctly identified and quickly treated. Some of the problems that we frequently assist our clients to overcome are:

  • Reduced growth rates.
  • Reduced reproductive rates.
  • Contamination of carcass parts at slaughter.
  • Reduced milk production.
  • Reduced fleece weight, fibre diameter and staple strength.
  • Damaged or infected hides and fleeces.

With our advice and specialised range of treatment products, you will see marked improvements in the following areas:

  • Increases in pasture/fodder production and utilisation.
  • Enhanced supplementation of ruminant diets.
  • Optimal animal management techniques.
  • Increases in healthy animal production systems.
  • Reduced anti-nutritive contaminants in feedstuffs.
  • Increased human/animal hygiene and major reductions in waste.

To keep you at the top of your game with animal health and farm biosecurity, Brownwigg stocks a broad range of reliable, easy-to use products from the most reputable of companies.