Mobil Lubricants

BrownWigg would like to introduce to you and your business two of the world's largest finished lubricant brands, Mobil and Conoco.

Over the last 130 years, Mobil and Conoco have come to be recognised as the unchallenged leaders of the lubricants industry. They have earned a reputation for innovative products that maximise performance, along with being highly cost-effective.

We at BrownWigg understand the challenging environment in which you operate, and that to keep your time-critical operations on schedule your equipment has to perform at optimal levels. To achieve this, it is critical to keep your equipment effectively lubricated in order to maintain maximum performance. Mobil's high performance lubricants, which include an unparalleled range of synthetics and Conoco's Grp11 / Grp111 Hydrocraked base stocks with the added performance of Liquid Titanium, are designed to help you achieve the peak running of all your mechanical equipment.

BrownWigg’s specialist understanding of the lubricant industry and commitment to your business is aimed at meeting the very diverse needs of operating equipment. We constantly strive to lower your "Total Cost of Lubrication".

We are proud to be a lubricant’s distributor of the Mobil and Conoco brands. Their products provide high quality, solid and reliable performance no matter what equipment you use or the tasks they are required to perform. BrownWigg lubricants always "Get the Job Done."