General Merchandise


Beyond our many specialised services and products, BrownWigg stocks, displays and delivers nationwide an extensive range of general merchandise to meet your farming requirements. With our local community focus, friendly staff and commitment to value-for-money goods, our product range will not only meet your every need, but also represents the very latest in safety and technological developments.

Safety Equipment:

At BrownWigg, we know that on-farm workplace safety is critical. Our range meets the most rigorous industry standards, guaranteeing to keep you and your staff at the very forefront of safety practices. We stock a comprehensive range of safety gear, from helmets, goggles and gloves through to respiratory equipment. Our staff will also supply you with the advice needed to make your workplace a continuously safe place to operate in for you, your staff, family, suppliers and clients.


BrownWigg stocks a huge range of high-quality farm hardware products, from reliable, premium power- and hand-tools like Kincrome, through to nails, staples and all manner of fixings. We’ll get you the right product at the right price. And we’ll make sure it provides reliable service for years to come.

Clothing & Footwear:

BrownWigg’s range of quality, durable farm clothing is second to none. We will equip you with the latest in hard-wearing farm outfits, and help you select the right protective headwear and footwear for the job. You’ll look and feel the part, at the right price.

Harvest Products:

Our range of harvest products covers all hay, silage and fodder storage applications. With BrownWigg’s expert advice and our broad product range – including premium silage wrap, pit covers and tough plastic film – we ensure the best quality silage production for your farm. BrownWigg also stocks a full range of baler nett to suit all sizes of baling machines. Our baling twine also caters to the full range of on-farm specifications, for small-square, big-round and big-square bales.

All these – and many other – general merchandise products are on display and in stock at BrownWigg.

Drop in and see us, or give us a call, and we’ll match your needs with our affordable gear...