Agronomy Services

agronomy services

At BrownWigg, staff and management are committed to being involved in your business to help it achieve continual growth and ongoing commercial success.

Proud of our position of trust in the local community, the BrownWigg team can offer you expert advice on your agronomy needs because we listen to, understand and find tailored solutions to your requirements. After all, we live in your community, so we know the challenges you face.

At BrownWigg, we know that you can’t apply a “one plan solution fits all” to each and every farm operation. In your local area, different crop types, soil types, equipment needs and management practices all have greatly varying impacts on a given operation. We work closely with our clients to understand exactly how these operations interact, and then help you implement individualised programs to achieve your objectives.

Chatting to BrownWigg’s knowledgeable staff and growing team of specialist local agronomists will accurately inform you on the following needs:

  • Chemical selections.
  • Pasture seed advice.
  • Best-fit fertiliser requirements.
  • Farm and paddock planning services.
  • Soil testing.
  • Crop variety selection.
  • Weed, disease and insect identification and control measures.
  • Water-use efficiency.
  • Natural resource management.
  • Precision farming techniques.
Working with our staff and external agronomy services, we will constantly encourage you to question, “Is there more you could do to boost the productivity of your farm?”

We place great confidence in tried, tested and proven brands and are pleased to be able to offer you a broad range of agronomy products selected from the most trusted company names in the business.

Come in to BrownWigg today to speak to our courteous
and informed staff about all of your agronomy needs.
You won’t be disappointed...