Agriculture Chemicals


Leading farmers know that the right choice and timely application of agricultural chemicals are critical on-farm decisions. At BrownWigg, we pride ourselves on constantly growing our local community knowledge to meet all of your agricultural chemical needs.

Because we buy in bulk and maintain high in-store stock levels, you also get great value for money (as we pass our bulk-buying savings onto you) and the right product exactly when you need it.

Our complete product range is registered with the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA), guaranteeing the most rigorous quality standards. With expert advice from the BrownWigg team, often-complex choices are made simple and easy for you, giving you great peace of mind when it comes to defeating weeds, insects and plant disease. You will also experience significant improvements through the use of our chemical lines. These benefits include:

  • Better seed germination rates.
  • Higher-yielding and increased profitability pastures/crops.
  • Increased water retention in non-wetting soils.
  • Greater and more consistent quality plant products.
  • More targeted and cost-effective eradication of weeds.
  • Less damage to beneficial pests, and a reduction of pest resistance.
  • Greater compatibility with your farm’s (and region’s) environmental profile.
  • Major cost reductions throughout your farm operation.

BrownWigg’s total crop solutions extend right across the range. We stock and can deliver to you many choices in all of the following product areas:

Herbicides / Fungicides / Insecticides / Seed Dressings / Regulants / Adjuvants / Defoliants / Plant Growth Regulators

Being able to help you with all of your crop protection, horticulture, viticulture or other pest eradication needs makes BrownWigg the right choice for affordable, high quality agricultural chemicals.

Come in and share your needs with our friendly staff today...